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“Our objective is to deliver quality to our clients through choice & value”

 People & food are an emotional combination and every company’s culture & catering requirements are different.  A “one size fits all approach” does not work when it comes to developing & running a dining facility that refreshes & inspires staff.


We take time to:

–          Listen to our clients objectives

–          Scratch below the surface in order to provide a complete partnership approach

–          Understand & address the details as well as the broad picture

We then formulate a food service solution which exceeds the needs of the individual client, employees & customers.  We do not promise “off the shelf” solutions, usually these have been sitting around for a while and tend to be stale.  We understand that our services are delivered using your premises & your equipment.  What we bring to you is a passion for food that is at the heart of everything we do.  Our chefs & managers tailor menus, cooking styles & techniques to suit your specific requirements.  We provide total support & back up so that our on site teams can deliver quality services to our clients.  Whether that support is marketing, training or a client meeting.  Our uncomplicated structure ensures that our managers and clients always have the resources they need.


In summary, Lydon House Catering, can offer a value for money catering proposal which delivers a professional, passionate food service that focuses on fresh food.  We aim to be the most cost effective service provider offering greatest flexibility & choice to you.


Please contact Noel at 087 6796929 to arrange a meeting & discuss the above further or email: